Why Buy Local? June 8, 2018 09:00

There's a lot of fuss about supporting local business but why should you? What is the benefit to you anyway?

Of course this is a subject close to my heart, being a small local business. But the bug to support locally had bitten way before I launched in 2015. 

I remember spending a lot of money on items of clothing, homeware, gifts, etc. that were sometimes cheap, often not, and not really connecting with my purchases at all.

Not that I think one must have a strong connection to material possessions, but if you're going to be decorating your person or home, or getting a present for someone, then there should at least be a sense of appreciation and gratitude for that thing. 

I wasn't getting that from anything I bought. Unless it was so expensive that I'd saved for months to get it, it could've been replaced as easily as I'd bought it.

When I got my first South African designer dress, I was completely smitten with the fact that I'd met the designer. She was a real live person, and I could imagine her working on the design and putting so much passion into every aspect. 

I still have and treasure that dress today, 6 years later. 

I want you to have the same feeling every time you wear your Claudia Moruzzi design.

I want you to know that every inch of fabric has been examined for flaws. I want you to know that every person behind the pjs has a name and a family they support by stitching your kimono.

I want you to know that I pay so much attention to detail, that I sometimes dream of covered buttons.

I want you to appreciate that every person along the way has been paid a fair fee for their skills, and that there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude every time another order comes through.

Photo credit: Peter Driessel Photography