What Pole Dancers Know About Self-Love August 4, 2017 09:00

Some of you may know I have a background in dance. I’ve always loved expressing myself through music and losing myself in the movement. Whenever I’m having a bad day, after a delicious piece of cake has inevitably failed to cheer me up, I know I can count on dance to lift my spirits. Basically I dance for my sanity. And then of course there’s the side benefit of it being really great exercise!

As a dancer, my legs have always been very strong and I know I can trust them implicitly. A few years ago I figured I should do something about my upper body strength.

And that’s how I discovered pole dancing.

I was hooked from my first class, possibly because it reminded me of one of my favourite childhood pastimes: swinging around the washline. 

But I love it for so many reasons. In regular dance classes (meaning poleless), once you’ve chosen your particular style, there is a certain curriculum you have to be able to get through, which often requires a certain body type and structure.

With pole, your body type does not matter. There are some things my body, despite my many years of dance training, will never be able to do. Everyone can find their signature and their nemesis move.

And let’s not kid here. Pole can be dangerous. You’re lifting your own body weight and you’re often upside down, so you have to trust yourself and the magnificent feat of engineering: your body.


There’s also a reason pole dancers are scantily clad because you need your skin to use as traction on the pole.

Everyone feels self-conscious in their first class. After a few times though, you realize you’re in a safe and non-judgmental environment, and you happily shed the layers.

Ask anyone who has poled, and they’ll say the same thing. They quickly learn to let go of looking at their bodies cosmetically, and instead appreciate what their bodies can do. Uniqueness is celebrated. They recognize the value of their bodies and training, and measure themselves according to the fabulous tricks they can perform and are working towards.

It has without a doubt been the most empowering form of exercise and self-love!