Things That Make Me Smile February 05, 2019 10:43


I’m taking some time to keep my start-of-the-year sense of humour.

This is really a reminder to me of the little things that always manage to put a smile on my face, no matter what is going on around me.


A Cup Of Tea

Restorative and therapeutic, a cup of tea is really just a ritual which reminds me to slow down.

I drink it hotter than is probably “correct”. It means I drink it faster than I’d like, but I can’t stand the taste when it starts cooling down. To extend the experience, I just drink a second cup.

Somebody’s grandmother once told me that the cure for anything is a bath, a good night’s sleep and a cup of tea.

I couldn’t agree more.


My Bed

This is absolutely my sacred, safe space. I have a super mattress, high quality white cotton bedding and a soft, silk pillow.

I know that even if it’s for a very short while, I can escape my stress and anxiety in this little cocoon. 

There’s something about the feel of the sheets against my skin and then way my head sinks into the pillow that is utterly irresistible to me.


Coco Face-washing In The Pond

Without fail, whenever we come home from a walk, she hops in the pond for a drink and to wash her face.

I mean, how can you not laugh out loud at this bit of silliness?

Of course directly afterwards she slops into the house and shakes off, making a merry mess, but that’s easily forgiven.


Chatting To Customers On Social Media

I love seeing my sleepwear on social media! Because it’s obviously not generally worn out in public (which is changing) I don’t get the thrill of being out and about and seeing people in my designs.

So my only hope of connecting is when it’s posted on social media, and wow, do I love it! Seeing people open their parcels, or lounge around their homes and holiday accommodation is just such a thrill for me. Keep doing it!