Stolen Time November 8, 2018 08:37

The market is done and so am I. While I’m anxious to get back to real life and take up my designs and training again, I’ve made a promise to myself to take time out when I need it.

So it’s a really bad time of year to try take a break. It’s the start of silly season, so the prep is in full swing for Christmas sales and Black Friday.

But I’m in the fair Cape, staying in Camps Bay, and why wouldn’t I take a few days off since I’m here?

I’m taking just 4 days before the road trip home, which I’m filling with ice cream, beetroot juice (my latest obsession), beach walks and seaside drives.

I’ve booked a few yoga sessions with a friend to catch up and just ease my body back to life. I’ve confirmed a few pole classes, which I’m really looking forward to. I still have 2 competitions before the end of the year and have to keep my training up, but I also just love a fresh perspective on this beloved art, and I get to meet a few new pole sisters.

Other than that, I’m going where the wind blows (which hopefully won’t be too far). Last minute meet ups with friends, slow mornings and lazy afternoons.

On the recommendation of a friend I’m reading Sourdough, so bread is front of mind and the star in nearly every meal, and I’m ok with that. This fear of bread and carbs is just completely irrational, so I don’t feel even a smidgeon of guilt about it.

Favourite quote from book:

"Greatest among us are those who can deploy "my friend" to total strangers in a way that is not hollow, but somehow real and deeply felt; those who can make you, within seconds of first contact, believe it."- Robin Sloan

Catch you on the other side!

New Spring Beginnings September 28, 2018 00:00 1 Comment

I really love Spring for the feeling of a fresh start. 

It seems to be more sustainable than the New Year's Resolution, which I find is usually more of a punishment for over-indulging or slacking over the December holidays. 

In Spring, there's a natural awakening. A growing awareness of what you really need. A revitalised mind ready to take on new projects and challenges. It feels more honest, gradual and lasting.

I'm annoyingly healthy. I eat a plant based diet and make most of my food from scratch. And just before you think of accusing me of being too rigid, I must add that I include regular treats for balance. 

I dance often to express my feelings, and the side benefit is that I exercise a lot. I don't drink alcohol by choice, not by imposition.

I know right.


I love living a healthy and wholesome life. 

What I suck at is taking breathing time. Even when I'm on holiday I'm working on my business and social media pages. 

As a yoga instructor I should know better. As a sleepwear designer who preaches this all the time, I should run and hide myself in shame. In bed. In my pjs.

So I resolve, yet again, to take the time out that I need.

Practice breathing.

Practice presence.

When the feeling of overwhelm starts to hit, have a lie down and relax. 


Photo credits: John Spence