Feature in British Vogue January 9, 2017 15:39

Dreams Come True

As a teenager I remember walking around bookstores and newsstands, enviously eyeing the very precious-looking imported fashion magazines. I'd flip through the pages of the massive volumes and be completely in awe of the beautiful fashion, images and people.

I could say this year has started out with a dream coming true, but that wouldn't exactly be true. I could never have conceived of something like this back then. British Vogue recently contacted me wanting to feature me in their February issue on a page titled "Looks We Love". Thrilled? Understatement.

It went on sale a few days ago and I wanted to share this page with you. Hint: It's number 5.

I'll probably be heady on this feeling for several weeks to come. I think a bottle of the best bubbly might be in order!