Contemplating The Summer Solstice December 21, 2018 00:00

There’s something bittersweet about the summer solstice for me.

I’m not a particularly fluffy person. I don’t buy into all sorts of weird and wonderful concepts based on nothing more than opinions. For the most part I think they can be a great big ego trip.

But the summer solstice is significant for me. It’s the peak of summer and this aligns quite beautifully in some respects to our December holidays, but is also a little at odds with the energy of a new year.

In times gone by, it’s been marked with great festivities. Crops would have been planted and the work day would be slightly less strenuous for a short time. Very much like South African business shutting down for December!

It’s a time for celebration, as is our festive season, but also a time for reflection.

At this point, the sun starts edging its way back North. The days will slowly become shorter; the nights longer. We’re headed back to the cold and a time of reduced energy. There’s a sense of something coming to and end and a desire to look back at significant moments.

With the sun being at it’s zenith you’ve reached the pinnacle of a vigorous season and things will slow down soon. While it’s festive, there’s an underlying feeling of laziness.

While everyone is in the throws of partying and a sort of spending, feeding and drinking frenzy, I prefer to take some time out, consolidate my year and in the full glare of the light of the sun, take a look at my choices and reactions. “In the full glare of the sun” is only figurative of course. In reality I scurry to shady spots like a mole.

While many people feel revitalized by January, this has never worked for me. I’m more of a tortoise making slow, steady progress. I prefer consistency in energy and effort, so I never get gung-ho about something only to let it fizzle out. My January is very much like this as well. I try to make considered, sensible choices and set realistic goals. Yeah, yeah…I know it’s not sexy, but it certainly gets the job done!

So here’s to the Summer Solstice. Light a bonfire. Take a walk outside. Enjoy the warmth and the feeling of reaching the summit of the year. Appreciate how far you’ve come. Take pleasure in the light and the perspective.

Have a slow lunch and a lazy afternoon.