Reliving a Favourite Childhood Spring Activity September 21, 2018 00:00

I've been having a particularly anxious and frenetic September and have almost forgotten how joyous Spring can be. 

I thought I'd look back at what used to make Spring light-hearted in my childhood. There were a few things I really looked forward to.

Our primary school would host a Spring Day on the first Saturday every September. This was a grand affair with carnival rides, food stalls run by the mums, egg-and-spoon races and the crowning of the Spring Queen. It was one of the highlights of the year.

But what sustained me more through Spring was roller skating. I have 2 sisters younger than me, and my parents didn't like the idea of spoiling us. So we had one pair of skates that had an adjustable sole for different sized feet, and which fitted over any pair of sneakers. 

Let me be clear. This was ONE pair of skates shared between the three of us.

They were seriously rickety and decidedly uncool, but they were wheels on our soles and we used them to death.

I remember looking with envy at other kids with their proper skating boots that were brightly coloured - usually yellow and blue. But I was just grateful I had wheels at all, even though I couldn't do fancy tricks with them like everyone else could.

I loved the feeling of the wind against my skin as I sliced through the air, probably a lot slower than I imagined. Those early days in Spring are still a little cool, so even though you're sweaty from exertion, you can cool down by skating faster and faster.

So in the midst of all the chaos that running businesses, teaching, competition prep and general adulting, I decided get me a pair of skates.

And aren't they just the most beautiful things you've ever seen??

My idea was that I'd take Coco for walks with them, but I'm much more aware of my mortality these days, and felt too insecure to go out into the road just yet. I also didn't get all the protective gear, thinking it wasn't necessary. It IS necessary!

For now I'm skating around my atrium, driveway and the roller rink, getting some much needed practice and confidence.

I don't eat much sugar, but they had candy floss! The obvious choice was to gorge myself on it.

I can say that going to the rink on a random weekday morning with no one there was the best ever. I literally had the rink to myself. No dodging. No-one to see your shame when you fall on your bottom!

I think every time I'm feeling stressed, I'm going to take myself off for a skate and candy floss and try to remember a simpler time.

Wearing the Cloud Couple Sleepy T.

Photo credits: Peter Driessel



A Message From Spring Flowers September 14, 2018 00:00 1 Comment

Coco and I often urban hike around my neighbourhood which is especially enjoyable at this time of year with the warmer, softer air and flowers tentatively showing their faces to the sun.

Here's a random pic of Coco passed out after her walk...

I recently reread "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh which includes a strong theme of floriography, a cryptological communication through the use of a flower arrangement. I've always loved the idea of conveying a deeper, subtler message by giving specific flowers as a gift. 

And as I walked, I spring giving me a deeper message with her early blooms?

I thought I'd look up the symbolic meanings of the flowers on my route.


This simple flower has a rich history. In old English it was referred to as "day's eye" because the petals would open in the day and close at night. This is where the saying "fresh as a daisy" comes from, signifying someone had a good night's rest.

It's also the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, Freya's, sacred flower. 

My favourite is from an old Celtic legend, in which daisies symbolise innocence and purity. Whenever an infant died, God sprinkled daisies to cheer the parents.


Depending on culture and setting, jasmine symbolises different things. It's associated with love, beauty, sensuality and romance. 

I find the scent of jasmine uplifting and mood enhancing. I cannot be stressed when I smell their blooms and always try to grow a plant close to my bedroom.

Euphoric White

This delicate flower will bloom all summer long. It's a hardy plant, tolerant to heat and drought.

It's associated with purity and protection.


The Lavender flowers message is one of refinement and royalty! It’s beauty and aroma speak of grace, elegance and femininity.

While purple is the color of royalty, and pink the color of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. It represents refinement, grace, and elegance. 

It's also associated with purity, serenity, silence, devotion and grace.


So to sum up, I'm getting a lot of purity, protection, sensuality and grace. I'm very happy with that.

Thank you Spring for this beautiful gift!


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My Best Spots for Spring-Fresh Juices and Smoothies September 7, 2018 00:00

I've been feeling such cabin fever after Winter and just want to be out exploring my local neighbourhood. I enjoy the occasional sweet treat, but that's not always very easy to find when you're vegan. 

Smoothies and juices to the rescue!

Nourishing and packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and general goodness and yumminess, here are a few of my favourite places.

But first:

I always carry reusable straws in my bag, and when I know I'm going out for a drink, I take along a mason mug with a lid so I can reduce unnecessary waste. I also always have a cloth napkin handy for little spills and to wrap my used straw in when I'm done.

Pictured above is my mason jar/mug with lid and space for a straw, a hand made hanky. 

My straws are:

2 sizes of stainless steel

Smoothie sized glass 


And then I have a mini brush for cleaning them properly, and a handy little pouch for my bag.


Gravity Cafe

This lovely little cafe is really unassuming and has friendly, accommodating staff. The decor is relaxed and cool. They have free wifi and don't look at you askance if you've not ordered something in a while :)

I love their Funky Beet juice which has:





The colour is rich and it feels like I'm getting healthier just being near it!

Fruits and Roots


Every Thursday I have a training session with a friend and my treat afterwards is the Almond Bliss smoothie from Fruits and Roots.

I must say it's really awesome to walk into a place and get greeted with a smile, and "your usual?"

So my usual is a modified version of what's on the menu. 

Coconut Milk

Almond Butter




Chez Moi

Nothing like making your own smoothies with whatever you happen to have in the house. 

This one had:

Coconut Milk

Oat Milk

Frozen Banana




Ground Turmeric

Ground Cardamom

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Sprinkle of black pepper

Stevia for sweetness


What are your favourite smoothie places I could try out?