6 reasons to make me time your New Year Resolution. December 30, 2015 10:56

6 Reasons to make me time your New Year Resolution.

1. Keep a carefree attitude.
The general feeling in the holidays is one of being free and happy. Committing to me time when you’re back at work will help stretch that feeling a little further.

2. Keep stress at bay.
It’s going to happen. You’re going to get stressed, and probably much sooner than you thought. Setting aside some time for yourself will help you get perspective and make dealing with stressful situations easier.

3. Value your time and space.
Ever wonder how you end up with so much on your plate? Maybe, like me, you’ve committed to too many things too quickly. Taking time out will help you value your time more, giving you the space to breathe.

4. Keep recharged.
While the tendency to run yourself ragged for your loved ones is always there, you’ll actually improve your interactions with them far more by spending some time alone. Time spent with them then becomes more meaningful and feels less hurried.

5. Be more productive.

Productivity increases if you take the time to do something for yourself. You’ll feel more fulfilled even by just taking a short lunch break.

6. Improve your mood

Ever snap at people around you for no logical reason? You might need to refill your tank. Taking me time will go a long way towards eliminating knee-jerk reactions.