My Best Spots for Spring-Fresh Juices and Smoothies September 7, 2018 00:00

I've been feeling such cabin fever after Winter and just want to be out exploring my local neighbourhood. I enjoy the occasional sweet treat, but that's not always very easy to find when you're vegan. 

Smoothies and juices to the rescue!

Nourishing and packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and general goodness and yumminess, here are a few of my favourite places.

But first:

I always carry reusable straws in my bag, and when I know I'm going out for a drink, I take along a mason mug with a lid so I can reduce unnecessary waste. I also always have a cloth napkin handy for little spills and to wrap my used straw in when I'm done.

Pictured above is my mason jar/mug with lid and space for a straw, a hand made hanky. 

My straws are:

2 sizes of stainless steel

Smoothie sized glass 


And then I have a mini brush for cleaning them properly, and a handy little pouch for my bag.


Gravity Cafe

This lovely little cafe is really unassuming and has friendly, accommodating staff. The decor is relaxed and cool. They have free wifi and don't look at you askance if you've not ordered something in a while :)

I love their Funky Beet juice which has:





The colour is rich and it feels like I'm getting healthier just being near it!

Fruits and Roots


Every Thursday I have a training session with a friend and my treat afterwards is the Almond Bliss smoothie from Fruits and Roots.

I must say it's really awesome to walk into a place and get greeted with a smile, and "your usual?"

So my usual is a modified version of what's on the menu. 

Coconut Milk

Almond Butter




Chez Moi

Nothing like making your own smoothies with whatever you happen to have in the house. 

This one had:

Coconut Milk

Oat Milk

Frozen Banana




Ground Turmeric

Ground Cardamom

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Sprinkle of black pepper

Stevia for sweetness


What are your favourite smoothie places I could try out?