In Praise of the Ordinary July 25, 2016 13:20

You have to live an extraordinary life. Be exceptional. Make waves. I was encouraged to shun mundane routines and chase excitement. I remember being told that it was better to be the worst at something, than merely average.


I am so grateful for my life. I’ve had some amazing experiences travelling, loving and working. I’ve tasted exotic fruit and seen incredible sites. In many ways, my life has met these extraordinary expectations.
What I wasn’t expecting was the extraordinarily uncomfortable experiences that ransacked all the fun. There are always equal and opposing experiences to balance things out. I’ve fought alongside my husband for many years through a complicated illness, suffered crippling heartbreak, and countless other trials.
So now I wonder if it’s so bad to live an average life. Is it really so wrong to cheerfully forfeit exciting surprises for a month of routine? To pass on the snakefruit and have a pear instead? Is it time to give the ordinary life a chance?
Beauty in simplicity.
Love in the commonplace.
Peace in the predictable.