10 Tried And Tested Tips To Procrastinate At Your Best April 5, 2019 00:00

I love being super productive, but there are just some things - like certain training I dislike - that I will find every way possible to put off. 

While the things I do instead of doing what I should be doing are still valuable, it's prioritising them at the wrong time (or for the sake of this blog, the absolute right time) that gets me into hot water, and send me into the last minute panic. 

Right now, I'm trying to prepare for a national pole sport competition and I'm not enjoying this particular way of working. However, it's necessary in order to qualify for the world pole sports championships later this year, which is my ultimate goal. 

Here are my tried and tested tips of getting out of what you should be doing. Disclaimer: I don't suggest trying this at home.

1. Cleaning your computer charger cable.

Man! That thing gets grubby! More grey than sparkly white. That has got to change. I've found alcohol to do the trick quite well.

2. Cleaning your keyboard and screen.

Now that your cable looks like it just came out of the box, your screen and keyboard look a little tacky. Get stuck into those quickly.

3. Make hummus.

Well you finally have power amongst all the load shedding and unplanned outages and you NEED to have something that can make a healthy snack for when you don't have power again. 

4. Make mayonnaise.

Well you can't just throw away all the lovely aquafabba. That would be wasteful. Might as well use it to make your vegan mayonnaise, which you can also use as part of your healthy snack or salad when you don't have power.

5. Check that all your devices are fully charged.

Again, preparing for when you don't have power. 96% is simply not good enough. Your dock, iPod, iPad, phone, kindle and LED lights need to be plugged in.

6. Fuss around with plugs and cables.

No one has a designated charger for each of their devices. Rush around looking for all plugs and all other mini USB and phone chargers you have.

7. Walk the dog.

Yes she needs this anyway but you struggled to wake up this morning, and even though it's the heat of the day, out you go.

8. Plan your blog posts for the next 6 months.

Spend hours researching possible blog post subjects for an unreasonable amount of time. It'll stand you in good stead soon (ish).

9. Trim your nails and cuticles.

All that work on the computer has brought your tatty nails to your attention. They definitely need to be soaked, cuticles trimmed, nails filed back and buffed to shine.

10. Wash the dishes.

You made a terrible mess in the kitchen and you can't possibly be creative or focus on training and choreography with a messy kitchen. 


This list is by no means complete. Please let me know how you manage to distract yourself from the stuff you don't feel like doing.