Feel Great Naked - some self-care tips August 25, 2017 09:00

If anything could be considered subjective, it’s definitely how you feel naked. We beat ourselves up over so many things, but being naked really strips down all the layers (pun intended) and leaves us completely vulnerable. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it – that there’s no armour to hide behind, no emotional toughness, just you and your personality. 

And then of course, the “I’m naked and all my flaws are on display” thing comes up. I think it takes someone with confidence of steel not to feel overexposed at least in some way, and even then I’m not sure I’d buy it. Or perhaps these are all just my own issues…

So while I love being completely natural and I enjoy being naked, I also have my own little home-spa routine. Once a week I like to spend some time grooming. Here’s my (very personal) routine, which (surprise, surprise) I do it while lounging around in my favourite kimono.


  1. I usually start by putting a hair treatment in my hair. I love the Dr Hauschka Strengthening Hair Treatment which works its magic on my hair and scalp while I carry on with the rest.
  2. I never go for manicures or pedicures. This may or may not have something to do with me being a perfectionist (but you didn’t hear it from me) and I feel I do a much better job than anyone else could. I have my own fantastic cuticle cutter and pusher which make this job (somewhat) fun. I file, trim, clip, buff and push until I don’t have any snags. I follow this up with my own exfoliator which is basically melting coconut oil over a low heat, then adding fine grain sea salt. Once that’s cooled and hardened, I beat it so it’s all frothy, and store it in a mason jar. I use this every day and it leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized.
  3. Next I apply the Skin Creamery Facial Cleansing Powder as a mask.
  4. I run a lovely deep bath and add some delicious smelling essential oils and Epsom salts to ease my muscles that usually have to work very hard for me – I love exercise and am very active.
  5. I scrub up with Mies Body Scrub, and wash with Kalyan soap.
  6. Then of course comes all the depilation. I shave the old-fashioned way, using a safety razor. I’ve found it so much better and more cost effective than any other method. Hair removal creams just smell awful and waxing has always given me ingrown hairs, no matter what I tried.
  7. I wash my hair with Africa Organics Baobab Shampoo.
  8. I make my own body butter which feels so luxurious, I want everyone to try it. I melt over a low heat, equal amounts of cocoa butter and coconut oil, and add my favourite essential oils. Just bear in mind the cocoa butter smells very chocolatey, so use oils that’ll complement it. Once it’s cooled and set, I beat it up until it’s frothy and store it in a mason jar. Yum!


But besides all these external things, what makes me feel best naked is a brisk walk, preferably with my dog, and eating seasonal fruit and vegetables. And even beyond all that, what makes me feel fantastic naked is knowing that my body is a magical feat of engineering that should be honoured and treasured no matter what aesthetic I feel pressured to impose on it.