25 Stages of sleep in a heatwave. January 7, 2016 15:48

25 stages of sleep in a heatwave:


  1. Shower
  2. Get into bed.
  3. Turn off the light.
  4. Get plagued by mosquitoes.
  5. Put light back on.
  6. Get out of bed and apply bug repellant.
  7. Get back into bed.
  8. Get out of bed and put fan on.
  9. Get back into bed.
  10. Get out of bed and adjust fan so it blows directly on you.
  11. Get back into bed.
  12. Turn off light.
  13. Turn on light.
  14. Get out of bed and splash water all over yourself.
  15. Get back into bed.
  16. Kick covers and sheets until they fall to the floor.
  17. Turn off light.
  18. Don’t sleep.
  19. Convince your brain that the sound of the fan is falling rain.
  20. Drift off.
  21. Wake up at midnight shivering with cold.
  22. Crawl to foot of the bed to rescue discarded bedlinen.
  23. Settle down.
  24. Wake up with sweat plastering bedlinen to your body and your pillow drenched in sweat.
  25. Shower.


I’d love to hear about your attempts at sleep.


Try to sleep beautifully.