New Spring Beginnings September 28, 2018 00:00 1 Comment

I really love Spring for the feeling of a fresh start. 

It seems to be more sustainable than the New Year's Resolution, which I find is usually more of a punishment for over-indulging or slacking over the December holidays. 

In Spring, there's a natural awakening. A growing awareness of what you really need. A revitalised mind ready to take on new projects and challenges. It feels more honest, gradual and lasting.

I'm annoyingly healthy. I eat a plant based diet and make most of my food from scratch. And just before you think of accusing me of being too rigid, I must add that I include regular treats for balance. 

I dance often to express my feelings, and the side benefit is that I exercise a lot. I don't drink alcohol by choice, not by imposition.

I know right.


I love living a healthy and wholesome life. 

What I suck at is taking breathing time. Even when I'm on holiday I'm working on my business and social media pages. 

As a yoga instructor I should know better. As a sleepwear designer who preaches this all the time, I should run and hide myself in shame. In bed. In my pjs.

So I resolve, yet again, to take the time out that I need.

Practice breathing.

Practice presence.

When the feeling of overwhelm starts to hit, have a lie down and relax. 


Photo credits: John Spence