Flavour At Your Fingertips November 30, 2018 00:00


November is all about soul food for me. That also includes actual food!

With these hot summer days all I ever want is a lovely food bowl with a variety of flavours and textures.

I love herbs but get irritated when buying them. They're always wrapped in plastic, there's often far too much for one person and they're so pricy it just doesn't make sense to me.

While I'm not the best at keeping herbs love between seasons, I'm pretty good and planting and using them while they're still around. It gives me all sorts of happy feels from getting the rich soil on my hands, to brushing past them and taking in their fragrance.

Being able to pop outside and pick what I want is so satisfying. 

I have a little bridge over a pond to my front door, so I've got a few brackets with rectangular pots to hang over the edge of the banister. It's the perfect position because it's close to the kitchen and gets a lot of sun. 

I also get reminded about having to water them because I'll pass them a few times a day.

So the herbs I use most and have decided to plant are:

Sweet Basil (still had a struggling plant from last season)

Rosemary (for pasta sauces and roasted vegetables)

Sage (fried for a simple Agli Olio sauce and for roasting with butternut)

Mint (for salads and cold drinks)

Dill (for roasting with vegetable and mixing in with salad dressing)

Parsley (for anything and everything)

After finding my perfect spot and getting my herbs, I got a bag of potting soil and filled up the pots.

Then I gently removed the herbs from the pots they were bought in and loosened the roots a little. 

I dug a hole using a spade and pressed the herb down.

After a good watering, they're in and ready to settle down.

And thats, that! It's so easy and I'll have herbs ready for immediate use whenever I need. And there's not wastage as I only pick what I need and leave the rest to grow instead of rotting in my fridge.

Bon Apetit!