Reliving a Favourite Childhood Spring Activity September 21, 2018 00:00

I've been having a particularly anxious and frenetic September and have almost forgotten how joyous Spring can be. 

I thought I'd look back at what used to make Spring light-hearted in my childhood. There were a few things I really looked forward to.

Our primary school would host a Spring Day on the first Saturday every September. This was a grand affair with carnival rides, food stalls run by the mums, egg-and-spoon races and the crowning of the Spring Queen. It was one of the highlights of the year.

But what sustained me more through Spring was roller skating. I have 2 sisters younger than me, and my parents didn't like the idea of spoiling us. So we had one pair of skates that had an adjustable sole for different sized feet, and which fitted over any pair of sneakers. 

Let me be clear. This was ONE pair of skates shared between the three of us.

They were seriously rickety and decidedly uncool, but they were wheels on our soles and we used them to death.

I remember looking with envy at other kids with their proper skating boots that were brightly coloured - usually yellow and blue. But I was just grateful I had wheels at all, even though I couldn't do fancy tricks with them like everyone else could.

I loved the feeling of the wind against my skin as I sliced through the air, probably a lot slower than I imagined. Those early days in Spring are still a little cool, so even though you're sweaty from exertion, you can cool down by skating faster and faster.

So in the midst of all the chaos that running businesses, teaching, competition prep and general adulting, I decided get me a pair of skates.

And aren't they just the most beautiful things you've ever seen??

My idea was that I'd take Coco for walks with them, but I'm much more aware of my mortality these days, and felt too insecure to go out into the road just yet. I also didn't get all the protective gear, thinking it wasn't necessary. It IS necessary!

For now I'm skating around my atrium, driveway and the roller rink, getting some much needed practice and confidence.

I don't eat much sugar, but they had candy floss! The obvious choice was to gorge myself on it.

I can say that going to the rink on a random weekday morning with no one there was the best ever. I literally had the rink to myself. No dodging. No-one to see your shame when you fall on your bottom!

I think every time I'm feeling stressed, I'm going to take myself off for a skate and candy floss and try to remember a simpler time.

Wearing the Cloud Couple Sleepy T.

Photo credits: Peter Driessel