Homemade Body Products July 27, 2018 00:00

I love supporting South African small businesses, but I love making my own things even more.

There's something so satisfying about making your own beauty products. It feels like you're taking extra special care of yourself by carefully selecting ingredients and choosing your perfect fragrance.

I am not qualified in any way to make body products. These are just some very simple recipes I use for myself after some research and trial and error. Maybe they'll also work for you!

To start off with, find a few great essential oils you love. You need to test these on your skin to make sure they don't cause an allergic reaction and perhaps it's a good idea to check with your medical practitioner before continuing if you're afraid you might have an adverse reaction to them.

I have some family and friends in the States, so I'm lucky enough to get DoTerra oils which are incredibly pure and can even be taken orally. I also use Soil organic essential oils, a proudly South African brand.

My favourites are grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, black pepper, cedar wood and citrus bliss. Depending on my mood, I'll open smell them all and then just decide which I'm drawn to on that day, and mix them accordingly. Most of the ones I like are mood enhancers.

Hand Oil

I've played around with so many variations with this one, using avocado, grapeseed, coconut, almond and olive, but in the end, my favourite is just the simplest.

I pour some extra virgin olive oil into a glass spray bottle I saved, throw in my essential oils and voila! I have perfectly moisturised hands and cuticles immediately.

I find the olive oil sinks into the skin beautifully after just a few minutes, and the effects definitely last the longest for me.

Hand And Body Exfoliator

Melt some coconut oil in a saucepan over a low heat. Remove from the stove and add an equal part of fine Himalayan salt, and your favourite essential oils.

Let everything cool and then pop it into the fridge for the coconut oil to solidify.

Once it's solid, whip it up with a hand beater. The air you beat into it makes it much easier to use.

Decant it into a glass jar and use as needed! The salt exfoliates and the coconut oil helps moisturise as well. Double whammy!

Luxurious Body Butter

Melt equal parts shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil in a saucepan over a low heat and remove.

Add your fav oils.

Wait for it to cool and then pop it into the fridge to solidify. It might take quite a bit longer for this to happen than with the exfoliator.

Whip it with a hand beater and decant into a glass jar. 

This mixture has saved my skin from the dry Jozi Winter. I can't do without it!


Do you have any special lotions or potions you make for yourself? I'd love to try your recipes!