Social Media: A Love-Hate Relationship June 30, 2019 00:00


The social landscape is changing so fast I can barely keep up, or perhaps I’m just giving away my age right now! In this digital age there are new rules that I don’t understand, and other rules that have entirely fallen away. I find it all quite difficult to navigate.


Here are my 3 yays and 3 nays for social media.




  1. I love the ease of keeping up with friends living far away, or catching up with people I haven’t seen in years via social media. This is an obvious one, but still a major plus.


You also get to keep up with other brands and trends much more easily than before. You’d have to get a gazillion magazines and read so many newspapers to get a feel for the world, but now everything is much more real time, with mostly real people, so with very little effort, you know what’s happening out there and what’s hot.


  1. It’s as if social media was designed especially for introverts. You get to feel like you’re part of life without ever leaving your home. As long as you’re active, liking and commenting, you actually never have to go out and engage with people. Many will think this is a bad thing, but I tell you, it’s great for me!


  1. It’s very much the era of free speech, whether or not you agree, or the opinion is well-informed. With reservations, I’m happy people feel bold enough to share their opinions.


  1. Birthday reminders! Yes perhaps not everyone who wishes you on social media would normally have wished you, but it does feel good that they took a few seconds to say “have a great day.” And it has often helped me with the important birthdays as well.




  1. For some reason, social media is often used as a giant dating site. This gets incredibly tedious for obvious reasons. I’m done with getting unsolicited dick pics and lecherous propositions. Especially since in real life, none of these weirdos would ever dare to approach me. It’s just become too easy.


  1. We tend to forget there are real people behind the accounts because we feel so far removed from them. The effect of this is that people say things they would never say to someone’s face. This sort of bullying can destroy lives on a large scale.


I just wonder on a human level, if this behaviour is a true reflection of the person? Surely you can’t claim you’re above it if you can even stoop so low in the first place?


  1. I really dislike the new Instagram algorithm that no longer shares the most recent images, but the most liked. There are many small and obscure people I follow and I really want to be able to see their posts in my feed.


  1. We all tend to post the highlights of our lives because well, the day to day stuff just isn’t worth it. But when you see a friend’s relationship online and it’s portrayed as happy and wholesome, only to find out they’re going through terrible strife and anguish, is something I can’t abide. How does it serve you to mislead people? Rather don’t say anything at all.