Road Tripping November 23, 2018 00:00 2 Comments

I recently had a big market in Stellenbosch and when I tell people I drove down all the way from Johannesburg, they're generally shocked and horrified.

Why would anyone choose to drive when you can fly?

Well the truth is, I find flying incredibly stressful. Yes of course you save so much time and money flying, but for some reason it just doesn't feel like a break that way. 

When I was little, every December we'd travel to the Eastern Cape to visit my grandparents for Christmas. Perhaps I learned to associate long drives with holidays. 

My father would always make sure we travelled the full distance in one day with hardly any stops. I vowed I'd never do that when I was in charge of my own holidays.

I like to stop when I see something interesting, or follow signs that look like they'll lead to magical places.

The freedom of being in charge of your own path is exhilarating.

I drive until I'm tired, and then find somewhere to spend the night.

I love the creepy little towns and the charming way people have used throwaway items in creative ways to add character to dry, dusty places.

I love finding out-of-the-way guesthouses, and chatting to the hosts about their lives and how they ended up where they were. And more often than not, they have lovely pets that make the place feel like home.

So while I was travelling for work, it's so much nicer to pack the car with everything I'd need for the market and clear my head on the road, rather than battle with coordinating couriers, flights and stock.

I get to explore our majestic country a little bit, and it's a grand experience!