Profile Pics Through The Years January 16, 2019 18:14

I'm having serious FOMO with all the 2008 vs 2018 profile pics on Facebook. I was a late social media bloomer, and only went onto FB in 2010 (insert weepy face).

I've still found looking back at my pictures quite entertaining though. Here is a random selection with a bit of a back story.

The First One

I was terribly suspicious of all things social media and didn't want to use an actual image of myself. This monkey, stolen from the interwebs, tickled my sense of humour.

Starting To Loosen Up A Little

We were away on one of our many holidays, and it was a wet and grey day on the South Coast. I kept myself entertained by doing some serious nail art: pink and lavender, with silver heart inserts. 

The Vintage Look

Marie Claire was running a weekly vintage challenge, and I took to this like a duck to water. I have a passion for vintage styling and have a wardrobe full of really cool pieces. This was my favourite look.

Beachy Winter Getaway

I'm not the biggest fan of the sun, so I love a Winter beach getaway. The sea feels wild, and I find a sea breeze completely invigorating.

The Album Cover

My husband adored photographing me and spoiling me with shopping sprees. This shot was taken in a dressing room and he figured it looked like a pretty cool album cover.

Bella Italia

Taken on a family reunion trip to Italy, this image was taken in beautiful Rome. The whole trip was a magical time for us, alive with possibility and freedom.

Turmoil And Tension

When my husband went in for his second lot of surgery, I was at home waiting to hear from the anaesthetist who secretly kept me updated on the progress. It was many hours of anxiety, and I spent it in my garden, under a tree, trying everything not to think about what was going on.


To this day, my favourite beach is Eland's Bay. I've spent countless sunset hours walking up and down with my toes in the icy water. My heart rests in this place.

My First Love

After retiring from performance, I was hauled out again to do a tribute concert with a clan of wonderful women with whom I worked and studied. This show reminded me of the joy I had for the theatre - something I thought was lost forever.

Game Drive Feels

A morning game drive with a pitstop for tea. It was a really cold day and I was soaking up the heat from the engine :)

Festival Of Colour

Every year my ashram would have a Holi party, the festival of colour. In a riot of cerise clouds, covered from head to toe, we celebrated the vibrancy of life.

The Avatar

Gifted to me for Christmas one year.

Blood And Gore

I love a bit of a dress up. This pic was taken at a conference in breathtaking Bali.

The Business Woman

When I started my business I soon realised I'd need some awesome headshots. Made for a great profile pic as well!

The Pole Dancer

My (relatively) newly discovered passion: pole dance. After a few competitions, I had a special photoshoot to capture some poses.

Image taken by Anna Smith.

The Cosy Look

I had an idea for a shoot that felt like I was up north for Christmas, lazing in front of a fire in a log cabin. 

Image taken by Peter Driessel.