My Favourite Podcasts June 6, 2019 00:00 1 Comment

While I’m having lunch or sewing, I like to catch up on podcasts. They’re so often really self-indulgent, so it’s hard to find something you can listen to for a few hours, but I enjoy feeling like I’m part of a conversation (in an introverted way J) without having to commit to it in reality.


Here are a few of my favourites:


Deliciously Ella The Podcast

Deliciously Ella

I was so thrilled to visit her deli in London after following her online. It didn’t disappoint. Delicious food and an authentic atmosphere, it was a great day out. Her recipes are also really simple and unpretentious, making vegan cooking and lifestyle simple.


I was so happy to hear she was doing a podcast. Topics vary from entrepreneurship, to food, to mental health. It’s a well-rounded lifestyle podcast, and she’s so positive and lovely, it’s a joy to listen to.


Where Should We Begin

Esther Perel


I’ve seen so many of her YouTube videos, and fell in love with her insightful and creative ways of tackling interpersonal dramas.


This podcast lets you eavesdrop on couples’ therapy sessions, and it’s endlessly fascinating. You learn to question your own way of thinking about relationships and problem solving. Her views are fresh and pragmatic, which I really love.


This is thoroughly absorbing and I highly recommend it.


The Guilty Feminist

Deborah Frances-White

Highly entertaining and educational, this podcast is a must-listen. Eachepisode starts with the guest making a confession:

I’m a feminist but…

(for instance)

…I still want to look good sitting down naked.


…I still watch America’s Next Top Model completely without irony.


She delves into where good feminist intentions clash with being a flawed and indoctrinated human, not to the point of diluting it to the point of meaninglessness, but certainly accepting that being a “bad feminist” is yet another thing for women to feel guilty about, and shouldn’t.


Topics range from the diet industry and toxic masculinity, to tricky topics such as women’s rape fantasies and the fun of make up.


Food Psych

Christy Harrison

I’ve recently become aware of how affected I’ve been by diet culture and how insidious it is, penetrating so many areas of my life without me even realizing it.


Intuitive eating, body liberation, eating disorder recovery, dismantling diet culture and health at every size, this podcast explores relationships with food, weight and size acceptance and so much more. Really excellent once you realize you’re not obliged to wage war on your body and nourishing it.