Advice To My Younger Self May 2, 2019 00:00


If I could give myself a small piece of advice for every few years of my life, this is what it would be.

What is the biggest piece of advice you'd give yourself?



Don’t be fooled by dummies. Demand milk.

One day you’ll love sleeping at night, but for now, keep your parents up as late as possible to earn the nickname Nagwolf from your grandparents.

Collecting your mother’s garlic and storing it next to your bed is going to make her very angry. I have no idea why you do this, but there are no vampires or witches to keep at bay.

Stop eating the playdough at school. It’s been handled by dozens of germ-carrying kids, so even though it’s deliciously salty, don’t eat it.

You’re definitely not going to marry Jaco, the boy down the road.

I know you agreed to marry when you were big, but he already treats you like a possessive husband. I mean, he’s threatening not to marry you if you don’t play cars with him.


YEARS 6-10

You probably won’t die in large groups of people. I know you’re terribly shy, but you’ll get used to the lay of the land and learn to love school more than holidays. I promise.

If Leo doesn’t know you like him, it’s unlikely anything will happen. I know you’re always paired together being the two shortest in the class, but this doesn’t mean he knows.

On the last day of school you’ll make the most delicious confectionary. KEEP THE RECIPE! It’s delicious.

I know you hate music theory but it isn’t as hard as you’re making it out to be. Just keep going.

Netball, and in fact sports in general, is not your thing. It’ll just make you feel bad about yourself. Stick to dance.

Your mom is going to get really ill. Chin up, kiddo. She’ll get better, but you’ll have to carry a lot of household responsibility in this time.

If you show an interest in something, you have a high chance of being taken out of a boring class, to a much more stimulating one. Show an interest in volcanoes and you’ll be yanked out of a dreary class to watch volcano videos on the library.


YEARS 11-15

Don’t wait so expectantly for your period. When it comes you’ll be in pain and it’ll just be a bother. Trust me you want to put this off as long as possible.

You’re going to make a pretty floral dress – your first sewing project. You’ll wear it for years. Something you don’t know is that your body is now fully developed. Your size won’t change for the rest of your life. Please keep the dress! It’ll be a lovely reminder to you of a lighter time in life.

Things start getting awkward. Stop doing the home perms at Auntie Mary. You’ll look bad on pictures taken in future.

You’re going to go on a great caravanning holiday with the Franzes. There is a steep hill and you’re really going to want to fly down it on the bike. You’ll be scared but just try.

You’re moving to Art school and it’s going to change the course of your life. You’ll work harder than anyone to achieve anything, but you’re going to love it. Don’t get disheartened by the skinny ballerinas who have been there from the start. You’ll love the smell of the sweaty dance hall mixed with resin.


YEARS 16-20

You have an innocent face. You can definitely get away with being a little naughtier without being caught. Just don’t push your luck. Walking out of the school grounds in the middle of the day and waving at the principle is maybe a little brazen.

You have a big decision ahead. You love ballet, but it doesn’t make your heart sing. Don’t bother auditioning for PACT. You’ll soon discover a style that will suit you.

Think of studying at university as a bit of a gap year. I know it’s easy for you, but embrace the social life. You’re still figuring out your path. You’re close.

So your friend, Jeanine, has gone to study Musical Theatre and this sounds like something you can do. Go! But please don’t sing the chorus of “I can see clearly now the rain has gone”. It’s a stupid idea.

You’re really finding your groove. Just keep working on your singing. It’ll get better. Don’t let them all brand you as just a dancer. You can do this and you have a beautiful voice.


YEARS 21-25

You’re coming into your own. Your work has paid off and you’re landing leads in your student productions. Keep working hard.

You’ll do many children’s theatre productions. Remember everyone in theatre is just passing through, no matter how close you seem during the show. That boy you adore won’t be around for long.

Your first big production will be very exciting and you’ll meet one of your best friends there.

You’ll also meet your first live-in boyfriend. It’s probably not a good idea to move in together 6 months after meeting, but you’ll learn and grow so much, it’ll be worth it in the end.


YEARS 25-30

You’ll start working in a very high pressure job and be required to be designated bad guy for many years. You’ll learn a lot and meet some interesting people. You can do this but it doesn’t suit you long term.

You’ll meet your great love and that’ll pose many challenges as well, but oh the adventures you’ll have! You’ll make a great team. Open yourself up fully to this. He won’t be around forever.


YEARS 31-35

You’ll get engaged which will be a glorious time! Everything will come together in a beautiful cocoon of support and love. Lap it up. Don’t get stuck on the small things.

You’ll move into your first house together which will be happy and bright. You’ll build a family of animals together, while trying to build a family with children. This won’t work. I can’t say yet whether this will be a major regret or just a small sadness.


YEARS 36-40

These are tough ones. Look after yourself and try to breathe. Your love will be very sick and behave very strangely. You’ll question everything, but try to remember the essence. 

You’ll still have a few grand adventures across the world though, and discover some of your favourite places.

You’ll leave your super stressful job and study fashion. It’ll be a magical time of creativity and you’ll also embrace dance again after many years away. Hold onto these things on the bad days.


YEARS 40-43

Slowly, slowly you’ll start feeling better. You’ll meet an angel who will gently help you mend.

As your business and interests expand, try to hold onto some peace and don’t try to do too much.