A Journey From My Dreams To Yours June 1, 2018 00:00

As a designer, only a very small portion of my time is spent actually designing because being a small business owner as well, there are so many things that require attention.

Here's a little breakdown of how your PJs make their way from my dreams, to yours.


About twice a year, I sit down and sketch some designs. This usually happens many months before you eventually see them online.

I usually draw around 20-30 versions per style, before finally deciding which one I like best. 

These sketches are then translated into technical drawings which get handed over to my pattern maker. While I can make my own patterns by hand, old-school style, (uber time-consuming) I don't have software in which to capture it. I've discovered it's just much more efficient to send it off to be made up. 

In the meantime I get some plain fabric and trim similar to what I intend using, and send that along with the sample pattern to my manufacturer. 

The process from handing over the technical drawings to receiving the sample, can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.


When I get the completed sample back, there's a process of fitting and refining to get it absolutely perfect. 

Once everything is just right, the pattern gets graded into different sizes. 

While that's on the go, I can finally go choose fabric and trim (love). I decide on a colour palette and search throughout the country to find pretty fabrics that feel like heaven against the skin.


We are finally ready to manufacture. This can take anywhere from between 2-6 weeks.

While all this is going on, I'm also busy setting up lifestyle shoots for social media, responding to comments, emails and queries.

I manage my own pages and really love this part to be honest. It takes a massive amount of time, but I feel I can connect much better with you when it's my voice you hear directly through my images, videos and captions.


Once the manufacturing is complete, I pick my models and set up the studio catalogue shoot for all the images on the website. 

As soon as I receive the pics back from my photographer and friend, Peter Driessel, I load them online. Surprise, surprise! I manage my own site!


I try to send out a newsletter once a month or so to keep you updated on any specials, pop-ups and new styles, and once a collection is ready for you to shop, I definitely want to share the news!

All your orders come directly to me, and either I or my assistant, Precious, packages your items. I adore this part, so she doesn't often get a chance to do it unless I'm out of town :)

In between all of this craziness, I still manage to walk my dog every week day as well. 


That's it in a nutshell.